August Pad & Liner Sampler

August Pad & Liner Sampler

August Pad & Liner Sampler

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Based on 759 reviews
Perfect birthday gift!

I was just gifted this lil guy! It is so soft and cuddly and smells so nice and comforting. The velcro opening is hidden so well it took me a bit to find it, I think that is a plus. The only thing I think I would have to criticize is that I wish the opening to put it in was just a TINY bit bigger, I had a little bit of a hard time squeezing it back in.


Light Tampon
Zoe Sarantinos
Love August!!

I’ve been using august for years now and absolutely love it venting about it!!!!

Night Pads
Amber Sturcke
Mostly great!

All of the pads are comfortable and absorbent , but have minimal adhesive on the wings :( I wish it was a bit more sticky and not just one small strip of adhesive..

Regular Tampons
Jade D Begaye
Best tampon!

Love!! doesn’t leak easy to use.

Super Tampons

Never received items

My favorite period products.

Sustainable, ethical, cute, affordable, convenient. Will never switch.

The only thing I wish they were just a little bit shorter. It took me a few tries until I was about to get comfortable. And due to the length I feel like my cramps were worse.

Long Night Pads
Tori Marie
Truly the best pads I have ever used!

These pads are like a godsend for me! They are so comfortable and absorbent! As a big booty girly, they are the perfect length. I don’t plan on ever using another pad or brand ever again!!

Day Pads
Ari Bair

10/10 have recommended to all my menstruating friends

Day Pads
The best pads and tampons I've ever used.

As someone who cares alot for the environment its always been a struggle when it comes to period products. I have tried the reusable methods but overall they werent comfortable for me. Aside from the period panties on occasion. So when I heard about August I was thrilled. And since the first time I've tried them I have not even thought about going back to any other brand. Aside from being sustainable and giving back to those in need, and spreading period positivity, every pad and tampon is comfortable and absorbent beyond belief. Im also someone with sensitive skin and Augusts products are a dream come true in all ways.
I tell my friends about them any chance I get! So much so a few have asked if i was being sponsored 😂. Im not.
1000/10 I recommend.

Regular Tampons
Alexandra Bowman
What Period

Guys I swear this tampon makes you feel like your period doesn’t exist. It makes you feel free to do whatever you want. It feels like magic !


Tampons are comfortable. I never have issues with bleeding thru. Love the packaging too. Periods suck and august makes it a little better

Great product

I really like almost all of their pads - the Long Night is great for overnight, I wear the Night one throughout the day for my first few days, and then move to the Day pad toward the end of my cycle (still Long Night for sleeping). Their liners are a bit too short for my comfort so I use another brand when I need that. August pads are thinner yet still work great, they don’t cause irritation I was getting before with the big brand.

Light Tampon
Tillie Lams
I wish 4.5 stars were an option!

I love everything about this company and the products. I love how I never have to think about running out of tampons anymore. My only two “I wish” notes would be that I wish they had tampons that were super plus, and pads that were somewhere in between a liner and a night pad. Otherwise I’m so stoked on this and won’t ever need to go to the drug store for boxes (outside of Super Plus) ever again!

Day Pads
Breanna Jo Rheinschmidt

I will always choose a pad over a tampon and these ARE THE BEST! I love the absorbability and thickness/ or should I say thinness of these. Feels like I am wearing nothing but keeps me super protected.

More than a period pillow

Super soft comfort for a hurting stomach or head.

Build A Box
Ray R.
Build a box review

The pads and tampons worked amazing and were very comfortable, there were no leaks. The only thing I didn't like was that the panty liners were small, I hope in the future there can be longer sizes for the liners.

Night Pads
Sonia Krech-Jacobsen
Night Pads - Go to Heavy Flow on the Go

August Night pads are my go to pads for those heavy flow days when I can't just hang around a bathroom. They hold a LOT, and the adhesive is FANTASTIC! I think everyone understands the challenges of pads that "let go" while you're living life. There's is little worse than needing to stop, adjust or change a new pad because the company who made it cheaped out on the glue. And once you've placed it, it's quiet. Rarely a crunchy diaper type sound. Just secure. And lord knows that is exactly what menstruating people need. Some GD security. Thanks August! I know I can always count on your products!!


Great products, with causes I admire, and powerful marketing that matches the quality of the period products. Proud to be part of ending period stigma!

Light Tampon
Kate P.
Great products

My daughter receives these and she really likes the quality. I feel they are very reasonably priced, we receive them on time each month, and customer service has been great the few times we had to ask a question. Highly recommend this company!

Josie Wachowiak
Amazing just amazing!

I love how the pads and tampons feel very comfortable and they don't cause my any rashes, I personally have a heavy flow and they last for a good 8 hours very happy with them and I love getting my box in the mail!

Super Tampons
Sarah Tabick
Best Tampons Ever !!

I’ve used a bunch of different tampons company’s before switching to August brand and these super ones. oh my god they hold A LOT. I could even forget about them and i wouldn’t leak. 100/10

Super Tampons
Kim Gracianette

August is very quick in to any responses to inquiries .
The customer service is. Excellent! The product and service is superior .


This is the first tracker that has actually gotten me to keep up with cycle, instead of just praying everyday that today is not the day. I love that it also doubles as a journal with open freedom to write about whatever you want.