7 States REQUIRE us to charge you the Tampon Tax – even though we REALLY don't want to.

7 States REQUIRE us to charge you the Tampon Tax – even though we REALLY don't want to.

What is the ‘Tampon Tax’?

The ‘Tampon Tax’ is the name for the sales tax placed on menstrual products, considering them non-essential goods. Learn more here.

22 states still have the Tampon tax, but we don't believe that anyone should have to pay extra for essential items like period care, so we always do our best to pay it for you.

Unfortunately, there are 7 states (among those 22) that prohibit companies (us) to pay for taxes on behalf of the purchaser (you).

  • Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

In each of these states, it is actually illegal [see fine print below] for us to NOT charge the Tampon Tax, and so we have to start doing that – even though we REALLY don’t want to 🙁

We want to emphasize: we believe that the Tampon Tax should be ABOLISHED. But, as a company, we have a responsibility to practice our business lawfully.

So, for those of you in the other 15 states that the Tampon Tax still exists – we got you.

For those of you in the 7 states where it is illegal not to charge it, let’s work together to fight back against this unfair tax!

How do we abolish the Tampon Tax?

  • Educate and stay up-to-date with menstrual news.
  • Read this & follow us on @itsaugust.
  • Get MAD. You expect us to pay EXTRA for bleeding once a month???
  • Talk about it with your friends, family and greater community.
  • Contact your local legislator/governor/representative.

You're never too young to get involved! You have a voice and we're here to encourage you to use it. Here are some great resources:

Thank you for your ongoing support!

We’re going to continue advocating to abolish the Tampon Tax in EVERY state.

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fine print:

“It is unlawful for any retailer to advertise or hold out or state to the public or to any customer, directly or indirectly, that the tax levied by [state sales tax law] or required to be collected under [state sales tax law] or any part thereof will be assumed or absorbed by the retailer or that the tax will not be added to the selling price of the tangible personal property, digital property, or services sold or that if added the tax or any part thereof will be refunded.”

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