Addressing the current tampon drama: Is titanium dioxide safe in tampons?

Addressing the current tampon drama: Is titanium dioxide safe in tampons?

It’s time to address the titanium dioxide drama.

We want to start off by officially letting y’all know that August does NOT contain titanium dioxide.

You can find the full ingredients list of our tampons if you scroll down on their product page and go to the interactive diagrams for each product, or check out the materials tab!

We’re also here to let you know that, if you just found out that the tampons you’ve been using contain titanium dioxide, you shouldn’t be overly alarmed.

Here are the facts.

FYI, we’re going to be referencing Dr. Jennifer Lincoln’s video that she posted on 08/01 addressing the many “Are there actual dangers to using titanium dioxide in tampons?” questions circulating around Tiktok. Dr. Lincoln (she/her), MD OBGYN is a trusted member of our Medical Board, meaning she regularly verifies the medical information that we share.

  • There is no data to show that titanium dioxide causes reproductive cancers. Yes, if you look at the hazard safety data sheet, it says that titanium dioxide could have the potential to cause reproductive cancers – but there’s no data to show that.

  • There are some studies that show it has been linked to potentially causing things like lung cancer from being inhaled. This would happen from exposure in factories.

  • Remember that titanium dioxide is in things like sunscreen, toothpaste, and other day-to-day items. So, you are totally free to opt for more natural versions of those things – but using them isn't putting you in danger!

  • Dr. Lincoln explains that the chance of harm from this chemical is from many things like the dose and the route. I.e., just because something that is inhaled could cause lung cancer does not mean that insertion via a tampon causes the same type of harm.

Think of titanium dioxide like buying organic fruit vs non organic fruit at the grocery store.

Both are super yummy and safe to eat, but some people prefer fruit grown free of pesticides and GMOs and opt for organic foods.

BOTH people are perfectly healthy and most importantly – SAFE as designated by the FDA.

Knowing what you’re putting in your body is so powerful.

With this new info, we definitely recommend doing your own research and weighing things like accessibility, comfort, and cost to see if making the switch is right for you!

It's true that we're a period care brand that sells menstrual products and would LOVE to use this tampon-drama moment as a way to say “WAHOO come buy August, other brands = POISON” – but that’s not at all what this is about.

What’s happened is that one video, made by someone who is NOT a scientist or doctor, went viral and the period-havers of Tiktok hit the ground running with worries.

Fear mongering and shaming someone for the period care they use/love/can afford every month is NOT something that any brand should be doing right now. It’s harmful, especially on platforms with so many young people watching.

We’re here for you.

If you decide that you’d like to make the switch away from tampons that contain titanium dioxide, then August period care is here to provide your monthly products.

Click here for our Traceability Page & full list of certifications

If you feel more reassured about the effects of titanium dioxide after reading this and decide to stick to your comfort products, that’s okay too. We’re still here for you to #AskAugust any period-related questions you may have and role model how we can destigmatize periods once and for all.

Follow along on our journey to reimagine period care!

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