Avoiding Inventory Waste: Introducing our ‘Oopsie Pads’

Avoiding Inventory Waste: Introducing our ‘Oopsie Pads’

They’re the same pads you know and love…. Just with a little ‘Oopsie’ on the wrappers…

When our manufacturers hit us with the info that a batch of our Day Pad wrappers had been misprinted, but the pads themselves were still 100% intact – there was no way we were letting them go to waste!

The difference between the two prints is SO discreet, we bet you’ll have to look twice before figuring out which pad is the oops.

Which is the 'Oops': Left or Right...?

Take a guess as to how much inventory is wasted in the U.S. every year…

According to a 2022 report by materials supplier Avery Dennison, the annual average of inventory stock perished or discarded is 8%. That rounds off to about $163 billion tossed each year across the U.S.

This isn’t really a surprise since modern methods of consumption have conditioned us to return, discard, and avoid products that aren’t cosmetically PERFECT.

While it would not be uncommon for other brands to toss out a misprint like this, we’re EMBRACING the oops and offering our perfectly imperfect pads at a discounted price.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Under the wrappers, the products are in 100% perfect condition. The issue is strictly with the printing on the wrappers – the wrappers themselves are still BPI-certified compostable too!

  • These can be purchased as a one time order, not available to add to your subscription box since Oopsie Pads are limited in stock!

  • The discounted price: a box of 12 Oopsie Pads is $4.57 instead of the regular $6.10 (price per 12 units when purchasing 48 units through our Build-A-Box option)!

  • Don't forget – we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $35! So, 8 boxes of Oopsie Pads will get you free shipping!

  • And, as with anything August or period-related, feel free to email us at care@itsaugust.co if you have any other questions!

Overproduction is a significant cause of waste in the supply chain and, “making waste reduction part of your company purpose can benefit the planet, people and the bottom line.” (Dennison, 2022)

We already knew that though.

August is a lifestyle brand working to reimagine periods, by providing sustainable and impactful period care for anyone who menstruates.

Our aim is to have our entire production operation be as sustainable as we are able to make it, while always prioritizing ethics and quality. Some ways that we do this are by:

Read more about our line of production on our Traceability Page – because nothing about our products should feel like a scary dark secret.

Hands up if you want a more ethical and sustainable world!

You’re not alone, in fact, you’re part of the 86% of people worldwide who have recognized the negative impacts of low-cost, high-volume production.

But, do you also find yourself sometimes challenged by a decision between your personal needs and the needs of our planet??

We’ve all been there.

Embrace the Oops with us!

We hope that, while in stock, the Oopsie Pads are an accessible choice for our community of menstruators. Especially for those who are keen to use high-quality period products that have lower impact on the environment than many other period product offerings.

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