#BeyondMyPeriod: “My mom was open about her symptoms, but she didn't necessarily want us to draw attention to it.”

#BeyondMyPeriod: “My mom was open about her symptoms, but she didn't necessarily want us to draw attention to it.”

We’re back with another #BeyondMyPeriod story–this time from the POV of a child with a menopausal mother.

For World Menopause Month (October), August period care and Alloy have joined forces to share period and menopause stories from several generations of menstruators.

In today’s piece, Tiani Grosso (she/her) talks about what it was like to watch her mother go through menopause.

Introduce yourself! Who are you & what do you do?

Tiani Grosso (she/her), born in 1997.

I work for a nonprofit as their events and communications assistant! I love being outdoors, hanging out with friends, exploring new places, traveling, reading, and watching tv shows and movies.

What is your first period story? If you can remember!

When I was 12 or 13 I started having some dark colored spotting. When I showed my mom, she said it was the beginning of my first period!

My mom was pretty open with me and explained how the menstrual cycle worked, but she always emphasized that it was a private thing that you shouldn't tell people about.

She told me to roll up my used pads and then roll them in toilet paper so that no one would see them in the garbage.

That being said, I probably learned the most about it from her.

What is a memorable moment you've had as a menstruator?

Probably putting my first tampon in without crying. It’s always been hard for me, but it got better!

How does menopause exist in your life?

My mom has been through menopause.

At first, she had really bad hot flashes, migraines, and irritability.

She had always had migraines close to her period – that was a normal thing she went through – but when she went through menopause, she had had enough.

She started working with her naturopathic doctor to lessen the symptoms and eventually she made it through, with her migraines happening less. She is doing better now that she’s officially in menopause and no longer gets her period.

Tell us your story with menopause

I knew menopause would come for my mom but it was interesting to experience it alongside her!

Throughout her experience, my mom was open about her symptoms with the family, but she didn't necessarily want us to draw attention to it in public.

It can be stressful and it impacts your life.

She would constantly get too hot and have to consider that when she chose outfits. Her migraines would force her to be in bed for 2-3 days which meant the rest of the family would have to take care of her and do tasks she would normally do like looking after our cat.

What advice would you give to younger menstruators out there?

Learn as much as you can about your body and your period!

Ask your parents and get conversations going with them. Everyone may be uncomfortable talking about it at first, but if you keep bringing it up, it will get easier.

We love that advice!

It is SO important to educate yourself in order to feel empowered about your body and its needs – as well as those around you who may be going through other phases…like menopause!

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