Get Inspired by this Role Model LGBTQ+ Organization: The Kite Trust

Get Inspired by this Role Model LGBTQ+ Organization: The Kite Trust

We were so lucky to connect with The Kite Trust for Trans Day of Visibility '23 and wanted to highlight them as this month’s ‘Powerhouse Organization’ in honor of Pride.

Read on to hear insights from Pip (they/them), their Chief Executive Officer and Bethan (she/her), their Programme Manager about supporting LGBTQ+ youth, the importance of education, and why gender inclusivity is necessary in all areas of life.

Describe the Kite Trust in 1 sentence:

“TKT aims to create an inclusive society where LGBTQ+ young people are healthy, successful and celebrated.”

In a few more sentences…

The Kite Trust supports the wellbeing and creativity of LGBTQ+ young people in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough (UK) and surrounding areas through information,  support and groups.

We build inclusive communities to tackle inequalities through consultancy, training and education. Our first group was established in 1993 in Cambridge and we now run weekly groups across the whole county!”

Although The Kite Trust is a UK-based organization, we’re hoping to amplify their work to inspire our American community to uplift local organizations that fight for LGBTQ+ youth, healthcare and education.

History of The Kite Trust:

“We started out in 1993 as ‘The Kite Club’ offering voluntary support for LGB young people. The ‘T’ was added to our constitution in 2014.

At the last analysis of our service users in October 2021, 50% of our young people identified as trans & a further 30% questioning their gender identity and/or sexuality; so we added the ‘Q’ to the LGBT+ acronym so we’re inclusive of all our service users.”

What types of services does The Kite Trust offer?

  • Weekly/fortnightly youth groups in 7 locations across the county (in-person + online)
  • Individual support sessions with a youth worker for young people to discuss gender & sexuality
  • Monthly ‘meet & eat’ sessions
  • Residentials
  • Youth activities like swimming or art workshops
  • Training for corporates, education/schools and health organisations, local authorities, other charities
  • School-based workshops across the age-range on LGBTQ+ awareness, anti-HBT bullying, allyship, relationships & sex ed
  • East of England delivery partner for the national Rainbow Flag Award (see below).

The Rainbow Flag Award

One initiative held accountable by The Kite Trust is the Rainbow Flag Award: a national quality assurance framework for schools to focus on positive LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility.

"The Award encourages organizations and schools to prioritize LGBTQ+ inclusion and actively develop strategies to effectively challenge and combat LGBT-phobic bullying."

Through a year-long process of self-assessment, ongoing monitoring and feedback, schools have access to a variety of training, resources and interventions, helping them meet set standards in each of the following areas:

  • skilled staff
  • positive outreach
  • effective policy
  • inclusivity
  • proactive support
  • youth voice

"These ensure that schools can provide a safe environment for their students and ensure that young people’s priorities are included in shaping that space – including bathrooms!"


We’re so inspired by The Kite Trust and other organizations putting in the work to make everyone feel included – especially when it comes to basic human functions like going to the bathroom or changing a period product.

When we first crafted the idea for August we thought a lot about what inclusivity looks like in the menstrual space. After initial conversations with our network and communities, it was pretty clear that there wasn’t a whole lot of it.

So we dedicated one mission of our brand to represent & make period products for ANYONE who menstruates – regardless of gender, race, culture, abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Period Care for Everyone Who Menstruates.

August is committed to gender inclusivity in many ways:

What’s the significance of gender neutral bathrooms?

CLICK HERE for our Trans Day of Visibility Reflections ft. The Kite Trust.

Pip: “Gender neutral bathrooms give people suitable privacy and dignity. They are essential for ensuring everyone can feel welcome and included at work, at school and in public spaces.

All of us need to use the toilet and it can become a huge barrier to education, employment or just getting out and about if there aren’t facilities that someone can feel safe using.

As well as LGBTQ+ people, single stall gender neutral facilities can make a huge difference to all those who menstruate, to those supported by a carer of a different gender, and to those who feel more comfortable with the additional privacy of a private space.”

Did you know that you can get August Period Care stocked in your school bathrooms?


Email us at if you have any other questions! We can’t wait to connect with more of you.

P.S. We’d love to connect with more organizations like The Kite Trust to explore the idea of gender inclusivity & education.

DM or email us if you have a fave Org that you’d love to see collab with August!

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