How to Become a ‘Cool Mom’ who Leaves Period Shame Behind

How to Become a ‘Cool Mom’ who Leaves Period Shame Behind

There’s nothing we love more than knowing August is actually changing your perspective on periods – not to mention your moms’ perspectives.

For your reading pleasure, here’s 3 short stories that show the power of period positivity and the power of a really good period product…

Story #1: Celebration Comes First, Shame Comes Later, by Alice (she/her)

“My mother and father actually took me out to dinner to celebrate my first period…once I eventually told them I had gotten it.

They gave me all the right messaging and positive, informed vocabulary to talk about menstruation. Even then, celebration seemed to be at the beginning but shame came later.

My first period was at age 13, about 30 years ago. I was at a family friend’s cottage – a really nice cottage.

My period came and I was very hesitant to tell anyone. Despite my parents having opened up a positive conversation about periods, it was definitely because of health class, the media and even my peers that I felt shy about getting it.

So I stole a facecloth, used it, rinsed it out – but couldn’t get the stains out – so I flushed it down the toilet …that’s the shameful part. I probably fucked these people’s plumbing.

If it was at someone else’s house I wouldn’t have been as secretive but I was a guest at a random person’s really nice cottage.

Eventually I told my mum and we dealt with it. She got me set up with period products. I remember my aunt telling me that she wore a “mouse hammock”, otherwise known as a sanitary belt. I was happy to have lots of other options for period products.

At this point, I’ve tried almost every type between pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. It’s interesting to think about tampon shame though. You gotta have a pretty specific relationship with someone for them to teach you about tampons…

“Is it in???” 
“Can you feel the string?”
“Kind of??”

One time I got my tampon stuck…but maybe that’s a story of another time.”

Story #2: “I just shot up in the Mom coolness factor”, by Tanna (she/her)

“OK – my daughter loves your videos on TikTok. She follows you. I’ve been living under a rock, apparently.

She was so excited to hear that I had spoken with you today (I told her I talked to somebody today that she should check out on TikTok and she was like “NO waaaay!!!” when I mentioned your handle).

Thanks for doing all the impactful, important stuff you do and for how you’re influencing and empowering young women (and others) through your courageous and creative sharing. <3”

Obsessed with this mother-daughter energy! @ Mothers, Fathers, and Parents everywhere – TAKE NOTE: August Period Care = COOL.

Story #3: Why Generational Period Shame has Got to Go, by Emily (any pronouns)

“My name is Emily, I’m a 27 year old genderfluid person from a small town in MA.

I wanted to come on here and say thank you to Nadya and the entire August team for all that you’ve done for all of us menstruators around the world. You are all the role models I needed growing up when it comes to period care and the shame around it.

I never had "the talk” with my mom and it left a detrimental effect on me on how I viewed periods and the embarrassment around them and everything that comes with being a person that menstruates.

I’m almost 28 and I work in a field where we are mostly made up of menstruators and I still feel the need to hide a tampon up my sleeve when I use the bathroom. The shame runs DEEP.

I only just started to feel comfortable talking about certain things with my mom since I’ve been having health issues related to endometriosis and HPV.

But you are all changing the world one tampon, pad and TikTok at a time – and I think that is the most badass thing ever! You are true superheroes.

I will never be using any other brand of period care ever again. August has changed my life.

I’m recovering from the surgery that diagnosed my endometriosis as I type this and I’ve been using August pads and liners for the last few weeks because I can’t use tampons right now and I’ve always hated pads – but August has changed everything.

August makes me feel comfort in a time of extreme discomfort and confusion. Thank you so much <3”

Thank YOU Emily, for working through that shame and coming out the other side ready to talk about periods in a positive way.

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