Key Period Advice From a Women's Hormonal Health Doctor Dr. Saru Bala

Key Period Advice From a Women's Hormonal Health Doctor Dr. Saru Bala

Dr. Saru Bala (she/her) is a Period Powerhouse.

Dr. Saru Bala (she/her) has been on the August Medical Board since the beginning, helping us to answer questions on the Ask August database.

Her expertise has come in handy answering questions about integrative therapies to manage period acne, natural alternatives to birth control, and one of our community’s favorites: Why do I poop more on my period?

We thought it was due time to feature her in a Period Powerhouse article to find out where her passion for medicine & menstrual education comes from, and to hear about her experience using August period products postpartum.

Introduce yourself! Who are you & What do you do?

Hi I’m Dr. Saru Bala. I’m a women's hormonal health doctor offering integrative solutions for any hormonal health issues. I see patients with PCOS, infertility, heavy or painful periods, fibroids, endometriosis, thyroid disorders, and any other hormonal issue.

Seeing so many patients come to me complaining that they weren't heard, or that they wanted other solutions because birth control just wasn't it for them, drove me to ensure that my patients were offered the full spectrum of solutions (not just birth control) for any hormonal concerns.

How does menstruation exist in your life?

I am a few months postpartum, still breastfeeding and haven’t resumed my regular cycle. I did, however, use August products for postpartum bleeding, along with several other brands. I enjoyed August’s products the most. I used the overnight pads only a week postpartum, and it worked beautifully. I didn’t have any leakage, the pad was soft, they had adhesives in multiple places, and the wings didn’t come undone as they do with other brands. It fit perfectly with my postpartum underwear and was the most comfortable and unnoticeable pad I wore.

Do you think that there is a gap in awareness and understanding about the postpartum experience?

Absolutely. I had no idea what to expect. If I hadn’t talked to other postpartum people, I would have had no insight into those first few weeks. As a doctor I knew in theory what to expect medically, but experiencing it for myself was far different from anything I could have learned.

Postpartum bleeding is never portrayed in movies, TVs, etc., after the babies are born. You see the people who gave birth in the hospital, then you see them at home recovered. There is no mention of the rough first couple weeks of bleeding, cramping, soreness, and pain.

Why does August resonate with you?

I love that August is all about normalizing periods and educating everyone about their body and periods and starting the conversation instead of keeping periods so hush hush and "taboo.”

Before we closed off our conversation with Dr. Bala, we wanted to bring back some positive period energy…

Do you have a funny period story?

When I first started my period, I was at summer camp (classic!) and – due to the severe lack of sex ed in schools – had NO idea what it was. I thought my butt was bleeding! Lol. I was so scared and showed my mom and she told me that I had finally started my period. It was a long day of being scared that my butt was injured.

What advice would you give to younger menstruators out there?

Your period shouldn't be something you have to worry about – whether from pain, heaviness, irregular timing, or anything else. If you’re worrying about it and dreading it, that's not normal and you should reach out to someone to help you/work with! Just because you menstruate doesn't mean you're "cursed" with something, even though society would lead you to believe that. Our periods are a beautiful thing that happens due to SO many hormones and cascades of events in our body doing what they do best. It's a cool thing, even if it doesn't feel like it at first!

Where can you find Dr. Bala?

You can find Dr. Bala at on both Tiktok and Instagram and read up on her approach to nature, nurture & medicine at (

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