Mental Health Tips & Tools from the August Community

Mental Health Tips & Tools from the August Community

#MentalHealthAwareness may only take up 1 month of our calendars but it’s important to focus on it all year around.

Keep reading for advice & resources from our Inner Cycle Community to create more positive mental health spaces for yourself.

#OnMyPeriod x Mental Health

Being on your period brings on a whole set of mood swings… and that’s on top of our existing mental health ups & downs.

It’s quite common for symptoms of mental illness (like depression and PMDD, to name a few) to be amplified when you’re in the low-mood phases of your menstrual cycle. The reason for all the emotions? The rise & fall of hormones.

Certain hormonal changes can cause irritability, anger, depressive or other mood symptoms. Read more here.

Remember that you are NOT alone in feeling down, especially on your period! Half the global population menstruates! However, if you’re experiencing severe signs of depression or other debilitating symptoms of mental illness, we’d encourage you to reach out to a trusted adult or friend, a mental health professional, or your doctor.

If you’re looking for an inclusive, supportive, virtual community, we have one in mind…

Photo from Angela Leung (she/her) from August’s Inner Cycle

The August #InnerCycle is a community of menstruators (mostly) looking to reimagine period care for all. We host weekly chats and monthly events with medical experts, other brands, influencers and Team August members! The #InnerCycle is the first to know about August updates and the people who we look to for advice on upcoming products & projects.


We asked our community if they had any pro-tips about taking care of their mental health. Here’s what they had to say:

What does 'taking care of your mental health' look like to you?

  • “Self care! Your mind & body are connected; you can’t have balance without considering both; balance is ever changing.” – Sea (they/them)

  • therapy, psychiatry, meds, and hope – Max (they/them)

  • “Decluttering and cleaning my home space, so I am able to fully let loose with no guilt, and give myself permission to lounge around for 1-2 days. After all, we are human. Also, going on a walk (fresh air and sunshine), and swimming continuously (in my own world at my own pace, in my own thoughts on everything). Both also get me away from the screen. And lastly, unapologetically allowing myself to say no to hangouts/invites because I know my own capacity, and preventing it from even reaching the absolute max. #2StepsForward1StepBack” – Angela (she/her)

  • “Making the conscious choice to improve my well-being! Learning how to eat right, reduce stress, and taking the time out to breathe & reflect, as well as doing something I enjoy each day.” – Heather (she/her)

  • “For me, taking care of my mental health is reflecting about the things that have been triggering and helping throughout my days. It’s realizing that I am a human being and that it is okay to not be okay but also to speak about my struggles so that I can get support from others.” – Diana (she/her)

How does your period affect your mental health?

  • “The physical discomfort I feel when I’m on my period can sometimes get in the way of my daily routines, which in turn makes me irritable at times or even decreases self-esteem! This usually happens at the beginning of my cycle.” – Heather (she/her)

  • “right after my period my anxiety goes up, and right before I SOB” — Max (they/them)

  • “I have been giving attention to my period for this past year more than ever as a PCOS girlie. A week before my period, I get so vulnerable and gloomy. I feel more sensitive, nostalgic and sad. Unfortunately, I lose my appetite a little bit. But the week after, I start to get back on track.” – Diana (she/her)

  • “Noticing recently that my patience tolerance is lowered, particularly as I'm nearing my period. I'm self-aware of this, but not sure how to work on it. #SendAdvicePlease” – Angela (she/her)

August's Expert Advice for this:

  • keep your body moving, even during your period. It will help to relieve cramps and to keep your muscles engaged! Also, as recommended by nutritionist Jenna Longoria, magnesium helps to reduce premenstrual pain and relax muscles (including the uterus!) More info here.

What do you wish younger you knew about mental health?

  • “That it is real. That you can struggle even if you’re a kid. That you’re not crazy or dumb for feeling a certain way. That some of your behaviors have a name.” – Diana (she/her)

  • “We’re all connected & need others. We need the love not only from ourselves but the nourishment received from others.” – Sea (they/them)

  • “It is a life-long learning process and progress. Without rain, there are no flowers. We have to understand that emotions aren't all negative; don't let society create the connotation of positivity and negativity around emotions for you. Your emotions, feelings, and thoughts are valid” – Angela (she/her)

  • “It's not just being scared, I’m anxious” – Max (they/them)

  • “It’s okay to not be okay, and no one is perfect! We all have our struggles, and it’s okay to take time out for yourself when you need it most. Make yourself a priority!” – Heather (she/her)

Here are some examples of where our community members find mental health support:

  • Therapy
  • “Def the Inner Cycle” – Heather (who btw is a mom of 2 emoji)
  • Friends, partners, and family
  • “Finding time, each week, for things I love to do: baking, music, exercise, reading, etc.”

Mental Health Resources from our #InnerCycle

Photo from Heather George (she/her) from August’s Inner Cycle

  • Sea (they/them) suggested (which is affiliated with The Trevor Project; TrevorSpace is an affirming international community for LGBTQ+ young people ages 13-24)

  • “Honestly, following platforms on social media that you go on often (eg: IG, Tik Tok, Facebook) that provide content that are healthy and developmental for you. Declutter those where their presence on your social media negatively impacts you and/or your beliefs.” – Angela (she/her)

  • “The Calm meditation app, as well as any local crisis/mental health hotlines. Mine is 211 in Nevada!” – Heather (she/her)

  • “For me, the inner cycle, crisis text line, rare beauty, and socials.” – Diana (she/her)

August’s Recs:

Point of Pride (nonprofit partner of August) has an amazing Guided Meditation resource, specifically geared to Trans folks: CLICK HERE

And we’d always recommend a few other steps to prioritizing your mental health:

  • Protect your peace: Log off when you need to & focus on what’s in front of you
  • Find your community: You can do it, but it’s easier with a support system <3
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