What are August's long term goals for sustainability?

What are August's long term goals for sustainability?

While we want to launch with the most sustainable tampons, pads, and liners on the market, there is still a lot more that we can do, and so we are making a commitment to becoming even more sustainable over time.

Here are some of August's current goals:

  1. Reinvent our tampon applicators - August tampons are currently made with BPA-free plastic that is recyclable in certain jurisdictions. We are working on finding a balance between comfort and sustainability. Stay tuned!

  2. Packaging - we keep track of how our customers are customizing their orders so that we can provide options for you that reduce required packaging. For example, we went from only offering 4-pack boxes of pads to now offering boxes of 8, 12 or 16 (depending on how many you order). This means less packaging for the same amount of pads.

  3. Sustainable Options - for those that prefer them, we will eventually launch more sustainable options such as period underwear, menstrual cups. Join the #InnerCycle to provide feedback + insights into what you'd like to see from our period care offerings!

  4. Reducing Emissions - working with Climate Neutral, we will innovate around ways to reduce our emissions. Whether that be by shifting our focus to localized delivery, sourcing materials from locations closer to our suppliers, or shipping less frequently in larger quantities - we're brainstorming how we can continue to evolve in sustainable ways!

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