“They are super great! So soft, less plasticky, and so much more comfortable than normal pads.”

Amanda Lacher (she/her), 23, California, USA

"My cramps normally worsen after inserting a tampon, but not with these! I honestly couldn’t even tell that I was inserting anything. The fact that you know so much thought and hard work went into creating the BEST products for menstruators really makes them that much better. 10/10 would recommend it!”

Kennedy Franklin (she/her), 20, Michigan, USA

“I love how there are two wings in the front and back, amazing! It’s very very soft and thin so it feels like I’m not wearing anything!”

Sajda Karmacharya (she/her), 22, Indiana, USA

"So hyped that everything is affordable and not insanely expensive just becuase it's sustainable and comes in pretty packaging!"

Brooke Robinson (she/her), 23, California, USA

“Reliable and easy to use like any other brand, but this one is good for the planet and your body! Organic cottons makes you and the Earth happy :)”

Isabelle Swafford (she/her), 20, California, USA