What we do to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Use organic cotton which has a lower carbon footprint than conventional cotton

  • Our products travel by boat instead of by plane

    • Shipping in and of itself has a lower carbon footprint

    • Our containers are not shipped unless completely full

  • Invest in Carbon Offsetting to offset our carbon footprint. 

  • Provide a subscription option to receive three months of product at a time

  • Ship from a local fulfillment center instead of directly from manufacturers 

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

We are committed to becoming the first carbon-neutral period company. Carbon neutrality is achieved by investing in carbon initiatives that equal the amount of carbon your product emits during its production. 

What is a Carbon footprint?

First off, greenhouse gases are any gases that trap heat in Earth’s atmosphere. While they are key to keeping the Earth warm and inhabitable, the increasing levels of carbon emitted by modern methods of production have had serious environmental repercussions. Measured in weight, any action you take or product you use emits carbon and thus has a carbon footprint. 

Why should we care about carbon footprints?

Carbon goes up into the atmosphere and travels all over the world. That's why reducing our carbon footprint requires global action.

Why do we need to correct carbon output?

The end of a product’s life is just as important to consider as its beginning. Periods make human life possible. They are a symbol of rebirth, nature, and cleansing in its purest form. Because the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact on generations to come, we believe that period care should be reflective of our cycles.

What is carbon offsetting? 

Think of carbon emissions like cutting down a tree, and carbon offsetting as planting two more trees to replace it. We will be investing in carbon offsets to fund renewable energy programs and neutralize our carbon emissions back to net zero.  However, purchasing carbon offsets doesn’t give us a license to be careless with our carbon footprint. We will continue to make thoughtful and deliberate efforts at each level of production to ensure we are limiting carbon emissions wherever possible.