2022 Redistribution Pledge & the True History of Thanksgiving

2022 Redistribution Pledge & the True History of Thanksgiving

This Black Friday, August makes a REDISTRIBUTION PLEDGE

Once again, August is making our redistribution pledge for the holidays!

#ReclaimBlackFriday launched a redistribution pledge last year to encourage brands to redistribute a portion of their Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales to Black and Indigenous-led organizations.

What is our pledge?

Starting November 22nd through November 29th (aka Giving Tuesday), August will be offering 25% off all products on itsaugust.co and also donating 25% of all sales to The Kwek Society, a nonprofit focused on addressing Native American students who have experienced period poverty.

use the code: THANKFUL2022 at checkout

The Kwek Society

The Kwek Society is focused on supplying Native American students, land and communities the period supplies they need to celebrate their menstrual cycles while maintaining their dignity.

Their mission emphasizes eliminating period poverty among Native American students whilst providing educational materials. The Kwek Society wants menstruators to celebrate and feel dignified when thinking about their moon times. In addition to eliminating stigma around menstruation, they prioritize providing products, sanitation facilities, and education.

Note from The Kwek Society’s Founder & Operator, Marie Carney:

“We got started when we realized that no one operating in the menstrual space was focused on Indigenous menstruators’ needs.

The Kwek Society makes it a point to highlight and share various traditional Indigenous teachings about periods (often called “moon times”). Significantly, many of these teachings reflect that a new menstruator’s community-at-large is right with them celebrating their first moon. There’s no stigma, periods aren’t hidden from the community.

You can find these teachings on our website at THIS LINK.”

What’s the connection between Thanksgiving and Indigenous history anyway?

Most people spend Thanksgiving weekend in celebration – eating food, gathering with family and giving thanks.

But do you know the real story of Thanksgiving? [information collected from Represent Collaborative, KQED, National Native American Heritage Month, and DoSomething.org]

You’ve probably heard the story of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag tribe in present-day, so-called Massachusetts. Although some records do show moments of celebration, the true story involved theft, conflict and power dynamics.

The Wampanoag people had a stash of food and goods ready for the winter, which the Pilgrims forcefully stole. From this point, the power dynamics of colonizers versus original peoples continued and the extractive, untold history of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island, aka North America, began.

For too long, the narratives taught have erased and excluded the Indigenous perspective from history. But the fact is, Native American history is American history.

Plus, Thanksgiving falls during National Native American History Month, making it an ideal time to learn about the contributions and roles of Native people to shaping the United States.

As a holiday dedicated to gratitude, it’s especially important to reclaim the narrative and recognize what Thanksgiving celebrates. Perhaps, you may even reconsider how or if you will continue to celebrate Thanksgiving in a ‘traditional’ way.

That is why, alongside several other brands (see the list here), we are committed to this Redistribution Pledge and an accurate, authentic, retelling of Thanksgiving history.

Looking for further action this holiday season?

Keep reading for how you can directly support Indigenous & Black organizations, resources to educate yourself and how to spread the word.

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Educate yourself!

As a jumping off point, be sure that you understand why the #ReclaimBlackFriday campaign exists and why it is so necessary.

  • “Capitalism, Racism, and Black Friday” - Just Fashion
  • “Decolonizing Thanksgiving: A Toolkit for Combatting Racism in Schools” – Age of Awareness

Once you’ve grasped that, continue your education about Indigenous peoples, landback initiatives and North American History – the true history.

Learn about the #LandBack movement

  • Start by finding out which Indigneous land you are currently on. Check out this awesome mapping tool: CLICK HERE.
  • “What is #LandBack? Inside New Native American TV Shows.” – PBS
  • “Land Back: The Indigenous Fight to Reclaim Stolen Lands.” – KQED
  • “Reclaiming Native Truth” Research Project – RNT

Speak up.

Continue to actively spread the word & reflect – not only during thanksgiving but all year round!

Reminder: It’s not the sole responsibility of Indigenous people to educate and speak up for themselves. We can all be allies with the right foundation of knowledge and understanding.

The Kwek Society told us that they, “hope folks continue their advocacy and succeed in getting laws on the books across Turtle Island that require period supplies to be stocked in public spaces, including schools, libraries, and community center bathrooms."

Until that happens, The Kwek Society is, “looking for those working in the menstrual space to step up their support of Indigenous students and community members – and we thank August for this second annual showcasing of our efforts and financial commitment to us!

Chi migwetch – many thanks!”

Directly support Indigenous and Black organizations.

Thank you for participating in our 2022 Redistribution Pledge.

Head to our Shop Page to get started - and don't forget to use the code THANKFUL2022 at checkout.

Whether you are a menstruator yourself, or you know people who menstruate, the August community is for everyone.

Is this pledge the only impact August does?

This Redistribution Pledge is in addition to our usual donation of 1% per purchase going to 1 of 4 organizations listed at checkout on itsaugust.co.

Read more about these incredible organizations in this blog post: The Connection Between Period Products and Clean Energy.

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