Being in love AND on your period: Couples Edition.

Being in love AND on your period: Couples Edition.

Besides being utterly in love (ugh!) — Danny + Lauren are also a couple who both get a period…🩸

We loved hearing period stories from Danny (he/him) + Lauren (she/they) — including first periods, favorite products, gender dysphoria as a trans menstruator & how they support each other throughout their cycles!

This shoot represents inclusivity and embraces the stories of two menstruators who are IN LOVE — if that wasn’t obvious??🤦😍😚

Keep reading to get to know our featured couple.

Meet Danny (he/him)

Danny (he/him) is trans and, for him, getting his period is something he dreads. During the photoshoot he told us: “I get very emotional, and when it happens, it just makes me feel really down.”

Guess what Danny claims is his recipe for a happier period? August tampons…obviously…but, more importantly, ice cream. Couldn’t agree more…

Let’s hear some more from Danny:

“hii I’m Danny, my pronouns are he/him. I live in Hawaii so I like to go to the beach when I’m not working. I enjoy a good crossword puzzle lol – when I get the chance!

I get my period every month. Tampons are my go-to when I do get my period and I get really bad cramping in my lower back and my stomach which is brutal so I usually take lots of pain meds and try to make it go away.

I wish I didn't get a period because it usually drains me completely and I just feel unmotivated in a way. I know I do have to put up with it right now but I'm hoping eventually later on I won't have to.”

Before we meet Lauren, LOOK at them being in love!!!

…we were seriously melting on set.

Meet Lauren (she/they)

Lauren (she/they) explained to us that “menstruation used to be a really unpleasant experience”… until they went on birth control.

Now, their period is irregular & super light so they sometimes use tampons, have NEVER used pads with wings, but mostly just no product at all.

Did you know ghost cramps were a thing?! …keep reading.

“I’m Lauren, I'm an artist, and I use she/they pronouns.

These days my periods are thankfully very light but I‘ll get ghost cramps (aka cramps with no bleeding) throughout the month, often depending on who I‘m hanging around. My sister, my college roommates, and Danny (aka the menstruators I love the most) are people who always trigger my cramps for whatever reason.”

If you read anything today – READ THIS.

Lauren: “I‘d love to see more of a cultural shift towards gender inclusion with periods in a recognition that many trans and non-binary individuals do menstruate, but also in a recognition that periods have never strictly been a ”women‘s issue“ because they make every human life possible.

I‘d like to see cisgender men specifically be brought into conversations about periods considering that they drive a lot of the stigma surrounding menstruation. We‘re all familiar with the discomfort that men experience and the judgments that they pass on women for having periods as a direct result of their shallow understanding of the topic.”

Meet Lucy (she/her), the photographer for Danny + Lauren’s photoshoot.

[Check out this TikTok of Lucy literally on her knees in one of our other photoshoots… #ThePeriodFairy]

We asked Lucy a few questions about why she loved photographing Danny + Lauren & why August period care resonates with her...

What was it like photographing Danny + Lauren?

Lucy: “Photographing Danny and Lauren was really comfortable and they obviously love each other very much. It’s hard, at first, to connect with people when you’ve just met them for the first time and, especially to be working with them on something so vulnerable but, it was definitely super fun and we were able to get into a groove really fast and they were both so comfortable with one another.”

Why does August Period Care resonate with you?

Lucy: “August period care resonates with me because, not only do I care about trying my best to be environmentally conscious, but it’s also important for me to destigmatize periods to not be considered ‘gross’.

Once I met Nadya, and heard the message, I felt like it was such a personal fit. I like working with companies that give me freedom of creativity but also that I feel confident and proud working for. So, August was a perfect fit.”

What do you hope to see for the future of period care, brands, or photography in general?

Lucy: “My hope for period care is that we can stop being so judgemental on each other and stop being so shameful about everything.

I really appreciate the message of there being gender-less periods and normalizing it so that it’s not weird to talk about.”

That’s a wrap on our FIRST EVER couples shoot.

Thanks to Danny + Lauren for being the faces of our FIRST EVER ever couples shoot…not to mention super fans of __August tampons__🤞.

And on a more serious note, we’re thankful for their open & honest chats that, at some points made us giggle, and at other points reaffirmed our mission to provide gender inclusive period care for ALL.👊

Also BIG shoutout to Lucy for the incredible photos! Check her out @lucyartdrop

If you want to watch or read more interview quotes from both Danny & Lauren, check out our Instagram (@itsaugust) or TikTok (@itsaugustco)!

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