Celebrating August with our #InnerCycle

Celebrating August with our #InnerCycle

Our #InnerCycle community has been around since the very beginning of August.

Yes, that means even before we launched any products or even a brand name! From product research to launches and all the milestones that followed, we centered in our community.

Three years ago, we created a virtual homebase on Geneva to talk periods & wellness. Since then, the #InnerCycle has grown to 5 thousand menstruators & non-menstruators alike who are passionate about destigmatizing periods and reimagining period care for ALL.

We mostly interact with our community virtually – through live chats, content creation, and sharing August updates (pssst, the #InnerCycle is the FIRST to know…). But when we opened up our offices in NYC last year (2022) we couldn’t wait to welcome some of our members to join us IRL to celebrate. We had the BEST time meeting and eating vagina-shaped waffles and getting to know each other even better.

So it was only right to continue the tradition this year!

We hosted our second annual event at August HQ in honor of our namesake month and gathered with 20 local members of the community for a fun afternoon of activities, friendship and period talk (of course).

If you missed it, we got you!

Keep reading for a little roundup of what we got up to.

Did somebody say matching period tattoos?!

It wouldn’t be an August event if we didn’t celebrate periods loud & proud. So we all got matching temporary #OnMyPeriod August tattoos! We LOVED how they came out and everyone absolutely rocked it.

The cutest part of this office party was all the virtual besties taking IRL pics together and proudly showing off their period flash tatts. The photo station was decked out with the iconic August cloud themed background and photography done by Lucy London McDonald (@lucyartdrop).

Menstrual-themed games and goodies!

Team August loves a fun game session especially if it’s period-themed! We played a few hilarious rounds of charades and acted out everything from period poops to Gooby (IYKYK).

Winners got to spin a prize wheel that – yes we DIY’d – for some August gifts to take home!

A fun afternoon is not complete without the ‘5 Second Game’ which was SO much fun. You’d be surprised how hard it is to list out PMS symptoms when you’re under the pressure of a timer…. But everyone who did got to take home a comfy, soft August hoodie.

Storytime Sesh!

We ended our competitive game series by sharing some of our wildest period stories with each other because we all have those unforgettable moments on our periods as menstruators that make up the best stories!

And who better to share these stories with than this period positive community?

CLICK HERE for a sneak peak at these embarrassing period stories…

Treats for everyone

Throughout the party we stayed hydrated with refreshing drinks from our friends at Ruby Hibiscus and satisfied all our cravings with some yummy snacks.

We needed that fuel for some wild rounds of ‘Period Charades’! Trust us, trying to act out swimming with a tampon will definitely make you break a sweat…

Want an invite to our next event?

Join the #InnerCycle (click here) so you can stay in the loop about August updates (both virtual and IRL) including exclusive product updates and a chance to make friends from all over the world who are also passionate about all things periods!

Since the beginning, everything we do is for and by our community, our #InnerCycle.

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