How to Build Your Emergency Period Kit for Back to School

How to Build Your Emergency Period Kit for Back to School

Maybe this is the last thing that you want to hear but we can’t be delulu forever…Back to School season is upon us.

Some of you are just a week or 2 in and the rest haven’t started yet so that means we can all still prep together before the floodgates open and streams of teenagers fill the halls of high schools and middle schools across the country.

Obviously, prioritize your end-of-summer glow-up, but more importantly, start thinking about the back-to-school essentials you need to buy or pull out of your closet.

You’ve probably already got the following on your Back-to-School Essentials list:

  • notebook(s)
  • pens & pencils
  • erasers & whiteout
  • three-ring-binders
  • hand sanitizer
  • pencil case/make-up pouch
  • lock for your locker
  • water bottle

But we have a forgotten item for the list: PERIOD PRODUCTS

Why do I need period products for school?

Period products are an absolute essential because the last thing you want is to miss classes and fall behind due to not having a tampon, leaking, and having to change your clothes.

Stocking up on your own personal products means that you don’t have to rely on your school’s resources – keep a few in your locker and a few in your backpack for guaranteed protection.

In an ideal world, every school would provide their students with period products IN THE BATHROOMS. Not at the front desk, not in the nurse's office, not redirected to the corner store down the road, but IN THE BATHROOMS! It should be every menstruator’s RIGHT to have access to quality period products so that they can focus on their education, not on leaking.


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Introducing the August Advocates Program: An August initiative to increase access to period products for students and educators across the country.

Step 1: Have a conversation with a faculty member (at your school) about getting your school bathrooms stocked with August products.

Step 2: Have said faculty member to email with their interest in ordering August period care for the school.

Step 3: We’ll take it from here but now is not the moment to sit back and relax – spread the word about stocking the school with August products and get as many people as you can to encourage the faculty to place the order.

Need help convincing a teacher on August period care being stocked?

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Choose the faculty member who will be most likely to support your efforts – can be any Admin (i.e. teacher, coach, guidance counselor, principal, etc.).

Remind them that:

  • (likely) Half the school gets a period, including fellow staff-members so many people will be appreciative.
  • August makes organic, high-quality period products that actually work + we will include educational posters for the bathroom stalls upon purchase.
  • Everyone deserves to focus on their education rather than a natural bodily function.

If you need to, get a group of fellow students together who are passionate in period accessibility + their education! Have them help you advocate for stocking up on August’s period products.

Until your school gets stocked, you should pack an Emergency Period Kit:

Useful for you or any friends who may need a spare tampon or pad during the school year!

Here is our High School Lead’s Emergency Kit for inspo!

[ ] Cute pouch to store everything in

[ ] 4 Regular tampons

[ ] 4 Light tampons

[ ] 8 Day pads

[ ] 4 night pads

[ ] 6 liners


“The last one is an absolute must have. I am personally more of a pad-ser than a tampon-user, so you can fix the proportions according to what products you enjoy most. This year we are going to be prepared for anything and everything that comes our way – ✨manifesting✨. Good luck everyone – we’re here for you.” – Anaya B. (High School Lead & Content Intern)

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