How does menstruation intersect with this AFAB person's gender identity?

How does menstruation intersect with this AFAB person's gender identity?

As you might know, we get a LOT of DMs coming through to @itsaugust.

Most of them are period questions like, How old do I need to be to wear a tampon?! (click here for the answer!) or requests to join Team August (keep an eye out in this space for hiring info!)

Every so often we’ll get an incredibly sweet DM expressing gratitude to our brand for creating an unapologetic, inclusive, and approachable online space to talk about periods.

That’s how we found Mel/Tokyo (he/they).

TW: This article discusses Gender Dysphoria in relation to menstruation

Introduce yourself! Who are you & what do you do?

I’m a high school student in NJ studying Fashion and Arts for my future! I run an Instagram account called @teadorolloro where I educate people on any topics I’m knowledgeable about or with the help of articles and people around me! I love to draw, sew, and dance.

How did you hear about August?

I heard about August on TikTok when I was searching for sustainable and gender-free period products.

What’s your favorite August product and why does August resonate with you?

My favorite August period product is the August Night Pad.

It’s very comfortable and the package is non-gendered so that’s awesome!

August resonates with me because the CEO is an unapologetic pansexual person (aka our fearless leader, Nadya Okamoto) who strives for the end of the period stigma!

How does menstruation exist in your life?

Menstruation exists in my life because I’m AFAB, despite being a guy, and it usually gives me a lot of dysphoria.

But, August’s packaging and August’s message really embodies a gender neutral aura that I like. It makes me feel proud of menstruating despite having dysphoria over it.

If you feel up to it, can you speak about your experience with gender dysphoria and how your period plays, or doesn't play into that?

My gender dysphoria stems from the fact that I was born female.

Because I was born female, I have a uterus and I have a period which makes me feel like a girl.

What I love is that August spreads the message that not everyone who menstruates is a girl and that it’s ok to menstruate!

Do you have a funny period story?

Oh God, there was a time where I thought my period was over and I went to school without a pad and I was just walking around the whole day with a stain and no one told me anything.

I only noticed when I got home and took my pants off and there was a big SPLOTCH of blood on my pants 😭😭…It was a little funny but I was mortified all day.

Looking back at it though, that leak moment is something normal and not something I should be ashamed of! A lot of people menstruate and also leak!

What advice would you give to other trans menstruators out there?

It’s ok that you menstruate!

No matter what gender identity you are or how old you are, having a period is perfectly normal and you should be proud, if not just okay, about having a period! Own that sh%#!

Anything else you’d like to add before you go? <3

Buy August period care for a better period experience and, if you’re interested in other content about gender, sexuality, periods – support my personal account @teadorolloro on Instagram and TikTok!

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Here for you and your learning journey about periods <3

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