August Basics Box

August Basics Box

August Basics Box

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Get a preview of our OG period care collection! With our August Basics Box, try our best-selling products made with our community in mind. You’ll get to sample our soft and absorbent pads and liners featuring BPI-certified compostable wrappers and tampons that open axially to fit your body.  

8 light tampons, 8 regular tampons, 8 super tampons, 8 day pads, 8 night pads, 8 liners
  • Free of pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, rayon, deodorants, dioxins, and dyes
  • Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic
  • FDA Approved
  • 100% certified organic cotton
  • BPA-free plastic, long-applicators
Pads and Liners
  • Top Sheet: 100% certified organic cotton
  • Core: Chlorine Free Natural Wood Pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer (Pads), Chlorine Free Airlaid Paper (Liners)
  • Back Sheet: Plant-Based PLA
  • BPI certified compostable wrappers


Non-editable pre-made boxes at a discounted price!
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A subscription purchase means you can choose to receive your custom-built box every X months! This is a perfect option if you don’t want to worry about running out of period products. You can skip or cancel your box anytime through your account. Plus, all subscribers receive a 10% discount.
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If you subscribe, your card is charged at check-out for the first box and again each time your subscription renews. You can make changes to your subscription renewal date through your account.

cancellation policy


You must confirm your cancellation via your account home by 12pm PT the day before your subscription renews if you don’t want the upcoming month’s August box. If you confirm your cancellation after your next box is already processed, your order will still ship out but your subscription will not renew again moving forward.



Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. You’ll get a subscription reminder email from three days before your subscription renews, once it renews, and again once the box ships.


Customer Reviews

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Based on 707 reviews

Have yet to use it but one was a gift and came on the persons birthday so that was amazing. It is so soft smell so good can’t wait to use it for what it is meant to be used.

Build A Box

August pads are hands down the most comfortable, soft, and effective pads ever.

Love my bag!

I love this bag! It holds all of my necessities and it’s so versatile. Lots of space! My package came with a chocolate bar in it which made me confused but I’ll take it

Packaging is so cute! i love how i can customize it to my needs, and they even sent a chocolate bar which was so thoughtful!! love this brand!😭

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Chloe T.


Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Janeeli C.
Prayers have been answered

Best pads on the market 10/10 recommend to all women out there!! A little TMI but first pad that doesn’t give me a rash… I have super sensitive skin and I’ve always dreaded that time of the month. And for the first time in my life I didn’t mind being on my period. Super absorbent as well as soft. I know it might sound strange but I’m just sharing my true experience. Thank you August for creating a pad that actually works.

Comfort Travel Essentials
Claudia Ovejero
Best pads ever

Really love August products so great

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Esmé Borders
Perfect! They’re long so I

Perfect! They’re long so I don’t leak, but super soft!

Build A Box
Kristina Zulj
Cant notice!

I got my period a few days ago and i follow the girl on youtube who talks about them. I decided to get them to try them put and i love them!!! I cant even tell they are there! Im still in school and theres no place to put the pad rapers so dissolving them is so smart!!

Super Tampons (8-pack)
Chanae Pitts Richardson
Just what you need for heavy days!

These are the first super tampons I've ever used and I could tell they lasted longer than the regular size and were larger but they were just as comfortable as they regular. Would recommend for people who have heavy periods or for those who have a heavy day but normally regular flow.

Build A Box
Gen K.
Love them! TYSM

Haven't used the products yet, but I can't wait to!!!

Build A Box
Josie W.

Amazing product I love getting my order in every month and it's very comfortable!!!

Build A Box
jasmine d.


Build A Box
Bro I have a super period

Okay so I have a pretty heavy flow. Number one the super tampon and liner combo bro! Frickin 10/10. This is a lot considering I used a deva cup for 3 years before switching back. Then let's talk about the long night pad. Like not only is it long but when it absorbs it's actually dry and not all gross and soggy. I love it. I'm so used to having little leaks at night and I can tell you right now. That pad will keep you safe. I am on love with all the products I've tried so far!!

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Alyson Mosley
Love their products!

I love night pads and I usually always wear a night pad over a day one! I just ordered the longer night pads and I can’t wait to see how well they do! I believe my flow isn’t as bad with the August pads :blue_heart:

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Ruby davidson

I was for one excited to get my period and try them out and it was worth it the most thing I like about it is I don’t feel it when I sit down like others 100% recommending

Pad - Day (4-pack)
Andraya S.
August obsessed

Best period products I’ve used. Good for me & sustainable! Aesthetically pleasing packaging and customizable to my specific needs. Also cheaper than anything else out there!

Liner - Original (8-pack)
Jess Day

I didn’t really like the liners they did the job just didn’t like the way they felt but I liked all the tampon products

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Sarah M.
Thanks babes

Wonderful as always
I love a genderless packaging moment, the color scheme is so lovely.
I love affordable period care that's not a crime to the environment
No weird scents or chemicals as with some in store brands
V comfy

Build A Box
Love it

I have been looking for the august brand of pads in target lately and I finally found them. I got the pack of day and night pads. They are so comfortable and soft compared to other brands that I often time get rashes from. I would recommend this brand to anyone that has a period!!

Best products!

These products are amazing! I've always preferred tampons as I found pads uncomfortable and produced an odor. When I tried August I fell in love! I love the pads!! The tampons are comfortable as well but the only thing i would fix is the length of the tampon grip. If I push the applicator in far enough so that the tampon doesn't irritate me, the tampon is hard to get a grip of as the grip is not very useful if halfway inserted into my body. If I were to actually have the whole grip to my disposal the tampon wouldn't be inserted enough, therefore causing discomfort. Overall, the tampons are very comfortable but this is one thing to think about when making them even better in the future. I love how you can build your own box and customize it to your flow, although I wish the products weren't so largely spaced out when it comes to the total count. For example, even though you order 16 ct. tampons, they still come in 2, 8 ct. boxes. It would make a lot more sense to just offer a 16 ct. box of tampons, 24 ct., 32 ct., 40 ct., and so on. Either make this an option as sometimes 16 tampons is too little for a cycle, while 32 tampons too much, or just put them all in one box altogether. This will save on the packaging costs/wastefullness, and overall make more sense. I'm in LOVE with these products but some aspects are to consider when creating a more perfect product.

Build A Box
The tampons

I really really wanted to like this product but I have been wearing tampons for over 5 years and I have never had a problem with them. But when I tried these ones every time I would take them out it felt like my insides were being ripped out as well. Also the cotton is always falling apart as I take the tampons out. I’m really sorry for this review but I wanted the workers of August to see this review so that they can improve their product because maybe i purchased a bad batch.

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Barbara W.

I love it

Pad - Night (12 Pack)
Virginia G.
My favorite pads

I have a heavier flow, so I use these for everyday wear during my period personally. I like that they're made with better materials and that August is a sustainable company. As for the night pads specifically, I like the length for daily wear and I never worry about leakage. Definitely my favorite pads.

Build A Box
Leighton T.
Absolutely amazing

Everything is so comfortable! Amazing for everyday on your period. I love that you can make your own box too! I need these every month!