How this generation of photographers are changing period talk.

How this generation of photographers are changing period talk.

Yep, we menstruate, and, not only are we going to talk about it – we’re going to show it.

It’s a tough experience to glamorize, so we’re attempting to actualize it with realistic visuals of bloody pads, tampons, and liners.

We’re so happy to be bringing our mission to destigmatize periods to life with the creative execution of some amazing photographers!

We facilitated a mini debrief with three of our photographers about their experience shooting August period care.

Even though they all photographed completely separate shoots, one word that they two of them used to describe the experience was: “refreshing”. Keep reading to find out why.

First up: Kayla Davis (she/her)

Check out Kayla on Instagram and her website!

Overall, what was the experience like shooting August products with our Team?

“Working with the August team has been extremely refreshing.

Being from Texas, you don’t get much sympathy from employers or people in general when you are on your period. Coincidentally enough, I was on my period when we planned to do the photoshoot and they were beyond understanding when I mentioned I needed to push the shoot date back a day.

I have extremely painful periods, often to the point where I am curled up in a ball unable to move, and instead of having to hide my pain and push through, they allowed me to rest. Honestly I think the images came out better because I was given that understanding and respect.

In terms of working with the products, I was genuinely shocked at how well they worked. From doing the generic pad absorption test and the wringing test; August truly is such a great brand and you can tell they genuinely care about the people who will be using them.”

What does inclusive period care look like to you? Why does it matter for everyone else?

“Inclusive period care to me means that no matter who you are – size, shape, color, gender or vibe – you should have access to period products."


"I love how August has made it easy, affordable and impact conscious. In college there were a decent amount of times where I would have to debate between buying pads/tampons for the month or food/gas or where I would have to sacrifice my vaginal health and get the cheaper products because that’s all I could afford.

This is something that matters to everyone because regardless of who you are, everyone knows someone who bleeds and health should never have to be compromised. People need to be put above profit.”

As a photographer, what do you hope to see for the future of period product photoshoots?

“When I first noticed August’s social media, I was immediately drawn in because of how they did their photoshoots.

Most people would assume that if you’re selling a product you would expect to see imagery of the product actually being used, but in terms of periods that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Growing up in the 2000s all you would see in commercials or product packaging was women twirling around being super feminine loving their menstrual cycle. They portrayed their products in such a magical light but never actually showed them being used or the realities of what having a period is like. I know for me that has never been my experience and I can guarantee that hasn’t been a lot of peoples experiences with periods.

For the future I really hope to see period related photoshoots shift to be as realistic as possible.

You would be shocked at how many products don’t actually work but as a photographer I have to make it look like it works…

I would really love to see more imagery of people wearing pads and tampons (where you can see them), as well as showcasing the different shades, textures and flow of blood.

Overall, I hope that we as a society can move forward to becoming more understanding of what periods actually are: messy, uncomfortable, painful, powerful, authentic, genderless and beautiful.”

Next up: Rana Düzyol (she/her)

Check out Rana on Instagram and her website!

Overall, what was the experience like shooting August products and models with the Team?

“Overall, shooting with August was a really refreshing experience.

Going into the shoot, I didn't really know that the models were going to put the products on themselves. I remember Nadya just walking into the room in her underwear while the wings of her pad were visible, and I had never seen that in the outside world before outside of my very own experience. It immediately made me feel comfortable and proud that I was part of a project with people who embrace menstruation and represent it in a realistic way.

Growing up, there was this standard ad where a hot girl goes surfing while she was on her period, and that was nothing like my own experience. These ads portrayed periods in a way that made you feel like less if you weren’t looking as “put together” as the models.

At the same time, you wouldn't even see the product on people because, hey, that wasn’t hot. This just wasn’t something that I could relate to as someone who menstruates.

So when I saw Nadya being casual about wearing the products, and making it look so easy, I thought to myself why did we, the industry as a whole, not do this before.”

As a photographer, what do you hope to see for the future of period product photoshoots?

“I want to see a more realistic representation of what having a period is like, but also a wider representation of who experiences periods. For example, there is still very little work out there representing trans or gender-diverse people with periods.

Going back to the first question, one of the reasons shooting with August felt like such a refreshing experience for me was because I felt personally connected to what was in front of me. That approach helps people start conversations about periods and period care.

At the end of the day, menstruation is about your health, and health is something we should all celebrate. Stigmas around period talk and lack of representation benefits nobody.”

Last but certainly not least – our ORIGINAL photographer: Jenna Saint Martin (she/her)

Check out Jenna on Instagram and her website!

Overall, what was the experience like shooting August products/models with the Team?

“Shooting August products with the August team was the most fun! Nadya & Neddy bring THE ENERGY and it’s pretty infectious.

August’s openness to wacky ideas and willingness to experiment on set also played a huge role in the success & fun of the shoot.

I absolutely LOVED the cast of incredible people they gathered to model for the shoot, and I loved that everyone contributed to the creative vision.

From the custom August rug Neddy made to the models' own styling ideas, it was an amazing group effort.”👀

“With everyone pitching in, the people and personalities came together to make the end product fabulous, and the whole experience a dream.✨”

What does inclusive period care look like to you? Why does it matter for everyone else?

“For me, inclusive period care is visibility, openness, and the removal of shame from the equation.

The more we talk about periods, celebrate periods, and even complain about periods – the better. That kind of visibility goes a long way towards eliminating fear and confusion.

Visibility in terms of representation for all people who menstruate is also something that August does a really great job of, which makes me proud to get to work with them.”

What aspect of menstruation should we capture next?

  • #OnMyPeriod at school?
  • A series about athletes on their period?
  • The peri-menopause and menopausal experience, perhaps?

Head to our Instagram page to let us know what you want to see from us next, as we work to increase access to menstrual products, reimagine and destigmatize period care for all!

If you’re interested in trying out some August products for yourself, Build-A-Box today to try out all 6 of our sustainable period care products! Decide whether or not you’d like it to arrive at your door every month or, for a more cost-effective option, every 3 months in a big bundle!

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