How to feel confident on your period.

How to feel confident on your period.

February is the month of love…not just with a partner, but loving YOURSELF!

Here’s 5 tips to feeling confident on your period.

1. Forget about the shame & stigma you were taught – PERIODS ARE NOTHING TO HIDE

Gone are the days of hiding your tampon up your sleeve👋 Periods are POWERFUL – they literally make human life possible.

No seriously, periods are essential to fertilizing & nourishing the egg inside the uterus.

  • Pre-period, the uterus builds up a lining which, if implantation is successful, would surround the egg and provide the nutrients it needs to form into a fetus and eventually be born as a baby.

  • Menstruation, aka the shedding of the uterine lining, only happens when implantation does not occur.

Read more about why periods happen & the 7 Signs Your FIRST period is coming HERE.

2. Talk to yourself the same as you would to someone you love <3

Mood swings are super natural for someone with a period since, throughout each cycle, your body is reacting to hormonal changes.

It's so important to be kind & gracious to ourselves – even when a mood swing is dragging us down.

  • When you’re in a good mood, write yourself some cute notes to leave around your restroom or in your tampon box!

  • Don’t ever let your bad mood be turned towards yourself. Redirect it into journaling, art, the state of the world or the construction going on outside your window! Stay grounded in your self-love.

3. Use products that ACTUALLY work for you & your flow’s needs

This is THE answer to how to feel confident while on your period.

If you hate the feeling of pads – try tampons.

If you’ve never had success with tampons – ignore the shamers and wear a pad proudly.

Just like clothes, period products are created to work for YOU and your flow – no judgment.

If you’re looking for an organic cotton, super absorbent option: Try August Period Care and build your customizable subscription box HERE!

4. Don’t try to do or wear what you would while off your period

Bloating & fatigue are both common symptoms of getting a period. Acknowledge & honor that.

Sometimes, due to the systems we’re living in, we think we need to ‘girlboss’ our way through a period but – and let me say this loudly enough for the people in the back to hear – IT’S OKAY TO REST ON YOUR PERIOD.

You’ll be up & energetic in your follicular & ovulatory phases in nooo time!

  • Wear your elasticated pants
  • Cozy up with a hot water bottle as you take meetings
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Reschedule the HIIT workout
  • And lastly, satisfy that craving if it will make you happy. (nothing wrong with a placebo effect! CLICK HERE to learn more.)

5. Find community with other menstruators

Your body & menstrual experiences are unique to you – to a certain extent.

The best thing that you can do to be confident on your period is to recognize that it’s a universal experience that (approximately) half the global population wants to vent about!

It is SO powerful to swap stories, share products, and laugh/cry/be angry about the way society has made you feel about being someone with a uterus. It’s how we relate to, and learn from each other. It fuels our fire to change the old-school narrative and make it better for the next gen.

So, here’s your invitation to join our community. It’s exclusively for people (menstruators & non-menstruators) who are passionate about breaking down the stigma and reimagining the menstrual experience to be more dignified

Through candid chats, content, and live chats with period & healthcare activists, filmmakers, policy-makers and more – we hope to educate using reliable, accurate and accessible information about periods & reproductive healthcare. Join the convo HERE!

Through high-quality products & unapologetic content, we hope to provide representation for ALL menstruators to feel confident all cycle long.

We're here for you & sending love! Happy Valentine's Day <3

How are you practicing self-love this season? Let us know at @itsaugust

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