Solutions to Period Poverty: Supporting the Menstrual Experience of Black & Brown Bodies.

Solutions to Period Poverty: Supporting the Menstrual Experience of Black & Brown Bodies.

We have a little ask for anyone reading this, in honor of Black History Month…

Actually, we’re amplifying this request from Lynette Medley, CEO & co-founder of No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. – the menstrual organization crowdfunded and opened by a Black mother and Daughter duo.

Her ask is for you to tell everyone you know – especially organizations and brands – about the importance of supporting and supplying vulnerable populations with the education, resources and facilities that they need to live a dignified life as a menstruator.

Lynette Medley (she/her) and her daughter Nya McGlone (she/her) are champions of menstrual equity and access. Together, back in 2012, they founded No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. with the focus of facilitating open & honest conversations that dismantles the myths, stigmas and misconceptions about healthcare that is ingrained in our communities.

Their mission is, “to decrease health disparities in communities of color by introducing health education, resources and support around menstrual health and wellness.”

In an attempt to continuously come up with real life solutions to systemic problems and health disparities, they opened the nations’ first menstrual hub, “The SPOT Period”. SPOT represents: Safety, Programming, Optimal Transformation – and, of course, is a period-themed word!

This hub, which Team August has been so lucky to visit a few times, is a safe space for ALL menstruators and even non-menstruating family members and friends seeking out support, information, resources, and FREE period products. The 2500 sq ft space also welcomes anyone who is in need of clean running water, bathrooms, a computer room, storage space, and cozy spots to chat and find community.

Their services are tailored to the unique needs of Black & Brown bodies and NMS provides every menstruating individual who comes in with what they need and what they ask for. Lynette explains:

“When you are a marginalized population, you are affected by layers of oppression, racism, discrimination and all of these layers of ‘otherness’ that prevent you from basically living in dignity and reaching your full potential.”

The specially dedicated ‘Breonna Taylor Safe Room’ was designed with the hopes of creating a space to escape the dangers of the world experienced by so many marginalized people. The room is meant to provide comfort and acceptance for a person to show their vulnerability, and allow for authentic conversations and sharing.

In this room, they host educational seminars and panel discussions around normalizing menstrual cycles, health and hygiene, uterine care, proper usage of sustainable options and healthcare resources.

More recently, the mobile version – “The SPOT on the GO!” – was made possible thanks to donations that went towards a minivan stocked full of FREE menstrual products! This has allowed for Lynette, Nya and their team to travel around to vulnerable communities across the U.S., including HBCUs and other areas with large populations of Black & Brown bodies.

To date, NMS has distributed over 17 million products (and counting).

No More Secrets & The SPOT are intentional about giving full packages of 3-5 month supply of products so that people can actually live in dignity and bleed in a way that is beneficial for them and their families.

“Many organizations give out loose products but that has a negative connotation in our communities.”

‘Loosies’, as Lynette refers to them, imply that you can’t afford the whole pack or that you’re not good enough.

She explains that when an organization offers those, it has the potential to retraumatize the people seeking out period care. Not to mention the fact that handing out ‘Loosies’ doesn’t provide the expiration date or the brand – something every product user should be aware of.

How can you support No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc.?

This Black History Month, August Period Care is dedicating 2 Donation Days to giveback to our friends at No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc.

For 24 hours on February 7th, 20% of ALL purchases made on will be donated back to NMS.

Black History Month is about amplifying the achievements and voices of Black individuals and changemakers. Lynette and Nya’s menstrual advocacy work is certainly one to celebrate. Not only do they supply tangible solutions to address period poverty, but they are passionate about fighting for Black people – and people with a uterus in particular – to have a loud voice and seat at the table.

“People who aren’t dealing with oppression, racism and police violence, talk about it as if they understand it; as if they wake up Black; as if they interact with law officials Black; as if they go to work Black; as if they interact with politics Black.”

Lynette emphasizes the need for people who are not Black to move their seat over and invite Black people with lived experience to talk about periods and healthcare from their personal perspective.

We are so inspired & motivated by the work of NMS.

We hope you’ll help us support and uplift their message not only this month, but moving forward, until every menstruator is equipped to have a dignified menstrual experience.

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