TLDR: We're Committed to Provide Better, More Sustainable Period Care Products

TLDR: We're Committed to Provide Better, More Sustainable Period Care Products

Our Q4 2022 Sustainability report is HERE!

Since our launch in July of 2021, we’ve posted a Sustainability & Impact Report at the end of every quarter that we’ve been in business for.

These reports help us tell y’all about the exciting updates we have been working on each quarter as well as hold us accountable to our sustainability and impact goals.

Listen, we know that we’re not the most sustainable period care option, however, we’re working alongside our community’s needs to provide more sustainable options of everyone’s favorite period care products (i.e. pads, tampons & liners).

Our primary goal: to create more sustainable period care that suits your unique needs and is the healthy choice for our planet!

That being said, every quarter we make a lot of changes to better our brand in order to provide for our community.

Keep reading for August’s BIG UPDATES!


As you know, we donate 2 products for every purchase or subscription renewal at August.

Since our launch we have been able to donate 136k period care products!

August is also carbon-neutral, which we achieve by purchasing carbon offsets that fund homes in Indonesia with renewable energy. As of this quarter we are up to 138 homes.

What’s new this quarter!

  1. The Inner Cycle wants to see some more merch!

New merch was a big ask for our community last quarter. We collabed with Chunks on limited edition hair claws that sold out in 48 hours! Stay tuned for some exciting limited edition drops coming later this year.👀

  1. We hosted an Inner Cycle Housewarming party

August HQ graduated from Nadya Okamoto’s apartment into a full-time office space! We invited our NYC-based community to celebrate the move over for vagina shaped waffles (which were VERY on brand).

  1. Ask August Makeover

We totally removed the old blog and are taking our period health education to the next level! We’re adding to our database of quick and fast Q&A’s with full-length, in-depth articles from the August Medical Board and the Period Powerhouses in our network.

  1. Our community hit 3600+ members and was featured in The Washington Post and Fast Company.

Since our launch our community has had over 300 events and 30 medical board member events! After how much fun we had at the Inner Cycle housewarming party, we are so excited to host more in-person events in New York next quarter.

  1. August Bathroom Takeovers

Since accessibility to period care is so important, we spent this past quarter experimenting with bathroom takeovers to see how we can get period care into more public restrooms across the U.S.


Accessibility to period care is so important to us. While our dream is to one day see period care as readily available as toilet paper in public restrooms…we’ve got to start somewhere!

On top of building out our advocates program to stock public spaces referred by our Inner Cycle, we spent this quarter experimenting with exciting new ways we can show up for y’all!


We took over the bathrooms of as many local events, parties, gyms, and restaurants that would have us. From events like the Her Campus summit to launch parties for Allure– we had the backs of all the menstruators at the 15 in-person events we attended!

…On the apps

Who doesn’t want period care delivered to them in minutes? This quarter we launched pilot programs with Getir in Lower Manhattan and Foxtrot in Washington D.C.

…Introducing the Period Fairy

The period product industry has sold us one narrative that has kept us silent and ashamed of our menstrual cycle and bodies; the Period Fairy is here to put an end to that.

We are reimagining and redefining the period experience to be powerful and loud.

By conducting candid interviews, handing out tampons, and documenting our bathroom takeovers at locations across the U.S., we are able to slowly chip away at period stigma – not to mention all the fun we have meeting all of you while we do it!

Want the Period Fairy at your next event? Send us an invite at!

…August Period Care in your School

Period poverty has a massive impact on education.

One in five teens struggle to afford menstrual products and one in ten college students are currently experiencing period poverty.

Because we firmly believe that no one should ever have to miss school because of their period, we created the August Advocates program. This quarter we partnered with 17 new schools and are now partnered with 38 schools across North America, nominated by Y’ALL!

We’re so excited to continue growing and reimagining the menstrual experience alongside you!

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