Celebrate the launch of the new Cramp Clamp with Founder of Chunks- Tiffany Ju

Celebrate the launch of the new Cramp Clamp with Founder of Chunks- Tiffany Ju

In celebration of our upcoming 1 year anniversary this June, we're launching a limited edition clasp with our fellow AAPI-owned brand, Chunks!

We're all about breaking period stigma, and are on a mission to let everyone know it! So yes, we'll be wearing our "Cramp Clamps" proudly — standing in the power of being a menstruator and OWNING it!

We’re so proud to be working with Chunks on this collaboration to send the message that periods are in fact powerful and something to be celebrated.

Chunks founder Tiffany Ju — has created a brand modernizing the 90’s clip trend. These clips are meant to show off, with unique, quirky shapes and design. August has teamed up with AAPI- owned brand, Chunks in celebration of August's 1 year anniversary in June. This limited edition clip is meant to flaunt and send a powerful message of being dignified on your period. Team August sat down with Chunks founder Tiffany Ju, to discuss the journey of bringing this incredible brand to life and the process behind it.

What inspired you and ignited your passion for starting Chunks? In one sentence, how would you describe the brand?

Chunks is a colorful, quirky line of hair clips that are designed in Seattle, Washington and proudly and responsibly manufactured in Jinhua, China! It honestly started out as a personal need. I was always an updo-with-a-claw girl but could never actually find cute claws. I’ve always been passionate about accessories though. For 6 years prior to starting Chunks, I actually had a handmade accessories business!

What was the process like starting your business?

Luckily, I had 6 years of experience from my previous business (that’s a whole topic in itself– a lot of lessons learned!). I took out a microloan of $7K and drew up a handful of styles. It was just me so I really did everything in those days… product design, photography, marketing, website, finances, customer service, shipping and packing orders!

Can you tell us a bit about the manufacturing process for these hair accessories? How are you reclaiming “ made in China” to be positive and dignified?

Our process has a lot of steps but in short, we dream up all our designs and then work with our manufacturing partners to make them! We start out with our high quality, plant based, biodegradable acetate. It’s called a “bio-plastic” which is a more durable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional petroleum based plastic. From sampling to production to quality control to shipping, we’re in close communication with them every step of the way. When I started Chunks, I just knew I didn’t want to hide ANYTHING including where we were made! I had encountered so much stigma against products “made in China” in my years as an accessories designer and most of it was based on outdated assumptions. I’m not pro “made in China” but I am into elevating the conversation into something nuanced.

What does responsible manufacturing mean to you and why was this so important in your process?

For me, and now the Chunks brand as a whole, responsible manufacturing means transparency, accountability, and continual process improvement. We prioritize people and quality over bottom dollar and aggressive growth. We are constantly looking for ways to improve with material, production process, giving back and sharing our journey with our audience.

How does your get ready routine change when you're on your period?

It actually doesn't change really…and I think that’s because I just STAY comfy all the time, haha. I havent worn jeans since like 2014. I skip my usual workouts for the first couple days of my period. But honestly, this is one of the reasons why I love being a business owner because I can wake up every morning and ask myself, what do I need today? How much can I push myself today? More often than not, I have to kind of ease into my day anyways.

How do you style a claw clip, where do you find inspiration for styling and having fun with hair accessories?

My favorite way to style a claw clip is just a simple bun up in the back. It depends on how my hair is cut at the moment but if its long, i’ll french twist it. If my side bangs are trimmed, I’ll let them hang out in the front. Then I’ll do a quick light spray on top and use a bristle brush to get all my baby hairs and flyaways to behave. It has been really fun recently to dream up and explore different ways to style for myself and social media and photoshoots. Pinterest is fantastic for hair inspo.

Why were you interested in collaborating with August and how do you see the two brands connecting?

Ive been watching Nadya for a while now on socials and have just really loved her energy and what she’s about. I really resonate with her brand of just being unapologetically real. That’s a strong connection point between our brands.

What is the goal for Chunks and what would your dream collaboration look like?

My goal for Chunks is actually to build a dream team with a super healthy work culture. We’re also continually defining for ourselves what responsible manufacturing is– so just really staying aligned to our values as we continue to grow. We have so many different types of collabs that we would be stoked for… its hard to say! But having done a bunch already, I LOVE when it feels like you’re 100% on the same page with your co-collaborator during the design process and there’s genuine excitement to lift each other up and share them with your audience!!

We are huge fans of the design aesthetics for your brand, especially the Jelly shoot! What inspires you creatively?!

Chunks started out as an homage to the Italian Memphis design movement and chunky resin art. But I’m forever finding inspiration in dreamy vibes and textures and trend cycles via social media.

We love the messaging you guys use about being able to put on a fun clip and feeling put together and cute, do you have any advice for menstruators that may feel down and not their best self while on their period?

I actually just started my period yesterday. So far, I’ve cried in the car, took a cold shower and meditated in the grass. Do something weird and see how it affects your energy and mood

Thank you so much for sitting down with August <3

This limited edition Cramp Clamp can be found directly at https://chunks.shop or https://www.itsaugust.co/products/cramp-clamp

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