Happy 2nd Birthday Inner Cycle!

Happy 2nd Birthday Inner Cycle!


Here’s some of the fave memories and warm fuzzies from our community members <3

Favorite memory with the Inner Cycle?

  • “I love the conversations Claudia facilitates; they’re so lovely! I also love office hours, it’s fun to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the company!” – Liv (they/them)

  • “The office meet up was my favorite event! It was so amazing to meet everyone and those sugar wood donuts were extremely memorable!” – Alara (she/her)

  • “My favorite memory was sharing my experience of kids x periods with the inner cycle! I absolutely love having the opportunity to share my own experiences with the community, especially if it’ll help someone else!” – Heather (she/her)

  • “Period Pictionary!! And the endless support and advice this community gives.” – Maria (she/they)

  • “I love the meditation sessions, I try to always attend them. And I might not have conversed with all the inner cycle friends but I have made really special friends... shout-out to the Ringo bros.” – Saida (she/her)

  • “I love the late night conversations we’ve had before. How I can always come and there’s answers and support. The beautiful people there.” – Anastasia (she/her)

Drop an #InnerCycle warm fuzzy

  • “How we all talk without judgement. It makes me feel safe!” – Madison Wagner (she/her)

  • “This community space is such a breath of fresh air. Everyone is so kind, welcoming, and willing to educate. The #InnerCycle has helped me become a better and more inclusive menstruator. ❤️” – Faith (she/her)

  • “The Inner Cycle makes me feel so welcome. I feel like I can talk about anything and nobody will judge me! It's very freeing and I think everyone deserves an Inner Cycle in their lives.” – Maya (she/her)

  • “I’m so lucky to have made friends from across the globe and had an opportunity to connect to them on an emotional level. We all come from different time zones but it’s really amazing that my #InnerCycle fam is there for me whenever I need them. I’ve made so many friends who are now my family. Love you fam” – Anannya (she/her)

What does the #InnerCycle mean to you??

  • “A home” – Coco (she/her)

  • “To me the #InnerCycle is like an alliance, helping build eachother up while society tries to break us down.” – Kelsie (she/they)

  • “#InnerCycle is like family. something about feeling so connected to so many amazing individuals and being able to talk so freely about periods, sex, health, etc is an amazing feeling. love my #innercycle fam” – Alara (she/her)

  • “To me it means safety, I feel safe and comfortable in the inner cycle, and so supported by everyone. This space means community and friendship!! Everyone is so welcoming, and I feel like we have all known each other our entire lives 🥺” – Adriana (she/her)

  • “It means the entire universe. I have found friends within and learned so much. I get to read personal experiences that make me feel supported. I feel heard, I feel included, and I feel confident. I get to share my PCOS and hypothyroidism journey with a lot of menstruators. I get to have incredible advice from the members. I get to know people from all around the world. And to educate myself through the amazing events hosted by the Inner Cycle. I am grateful for this community.” – Diana (she/her)

  • “Period empowerment!” – Valentina (she/her)

  • “It truly means a lot, I feel like these people are my besties and we are all very open” – Madison Wagner (she/her)

  • “A community where we can be ourselves and have support.” – Rebekah (she/they)

  • “It is a place where I can find community no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I’ve never been part of an online group where everyone cares and invests in the community.” – Tiani (she/her)

Any final messages? <3

  • “The inner cycle is the BEST thing that has happened to me this year. I have learned so much about periods, sex, humanity and more interesting topics thanks to everyone who is part of this beautiful community. I also feel like I belong somewhere.” – Diana (she/her)

  • “I love August with all my heart. Can’t wait to work with the team to hopefully bring August to UMass Amherst!” – Alara (she/her)

    Yes please!! Anyone at a school in the U.S. can get products in your bathrooms by texting ‘August’ to 243-41. Find out more info about this initiative HERE!

  • “Since being part of the Inner Cycle I have become so much more comfortable and open on topics around periods. I so much want to become more active and take action to drive positive change. Proud to be talking about periods on first dates and with partners too. Next goal is my workplace 🙌🏻” – Lea (she/her)

  • “Thank you Nadya for creating this community. Thank you Claudia for making this a safe space for everyone. Thank you to every Inner Cycle member for creating a respectful, supportive, and loving community. I love you all so much.” – Diana (she/her)

Want to be a part of this community?

Become an #InnerCycle member HERE!

  • Be the first to know about August product updates and ideas for new releases
  • Get exclusive access to events with Period Powerhouses, brands that August loves, and even some celebrity guests…👀
  • And, most importantly, you get a chance to make connections with people from around the world (60+ countries and counting!) who also want to reimagine period care for ALL!

Can’t wait to welcome you to our community <3 – Team August

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