Welcome to Camp Flow: A Special Summer Series hosted by August’s #InnerCycle

Welcome to Camp Flow: A Special Summer Series hosted by August’s #InnerCycle

Welcome to Camp Flow: A Special Summer Series hosted by August’s #InnerCycle

Team August|6.3.2022

What is community and why is it important?

Community, by definition, is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

In the case of August, our community is referred to as ‘The Inner Cycle’. Our “same place” is our virtual homebase on the platform called Geneva. You may think that the “particular characteristic in common” is that we all menstruate. But that’s not actually true…the Inner Cycle welcomes everyone who menstruates in addition to anyone else who is passionate about destigmatizing the menstrual experience for all!

So, what is the Inner Cycle?

The #InnerCycle, which now welcomes more than 3k members, is the core of our overall brand and extended community.🩸

Other template-built Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brands claim to be consumer-driven. We’re consumer built.

From the very beginning of our founding journey in early 2020, we’ve been working with hundreds of Gen z’ers from around the world at every step of the process – from product, to brand design, to creating our community.

Talking to our community every day has been our strongest differentiator in ensuring that we’re authentic, and on the pulse about all things periods (and pop culture!).

The Inner Cycle’s current demographics:

(you can see all of these stats in our latest Sustainability & Impact Report HERE!)

  • 83.4% female, 11.1% gender nonconforming/transgender, and 5.5% male
  • 21.4% under age 18, 73.2% aged 18-35, and 5.4% over 36
  • 50 states represented and members in 55+ countries

A few reasons why the Inner Cycle is actually that special:

  • Events: We’ve hosted more than 300 events – including many that feature our Medical Board of reproductive and mental health experts! Not to mention a whole bunch of special guests like Schuyler Bailar, Candice Chirwa, Krewella, Twentyeight Health, Siufung Law and MORE! Get access to event links here.
  • Support Network: During quarantine, as students were stuck in their rooms on zoom calls all day and missing social lives, we saw (and continue to see) friendships created on the platform and support groups became support networks to talk about topics around body dysphoria, period shame, and mental health.
  • Education: One of the first pain points our community had was that each of them had tons of questions about their periods, and no trusted place to get answers. So we decided to do something about that. 3 of our current full time Team members were actually hired on as ‘Community Leads’ who were originally tasked with building what is now known as the #AskAugust database of questions and answers concerning all things periods.
  • Exclusive Perks: Beyond events, the Inner Cycle is also the first to give feedback on potential new updates to August products, and to see the latest visuals or campaigns we’re working on behind-the-scenes! Don’t forget that there’s also the referral code program on ‘your account’ on itsaugust.co. Your friend gets 10% off and you get $2 applied to your next order!

Ultimately, we’re not just a brand, we’re the best friend or older sibling you know you can come to with your embarrassing questions about all things PERIODS. We’re here to change culture and create an atmosphere where young people feel shameless about their bodies and their natural biological processes – and we’re working directly with our young members to catalyze this shift.


No need for sunscreen, closed-toed shoes, or a bucket hat at this camp. The Inner Cycle’s ‘Camp Flow’ is almost all virtual (with a few spontaneous meet-ups here and there!!)

Get ready for summer programming with over 12 weeks of special themes and events during the months of June, July and August. Last year was so much fun – we are taking it up a notch this year!

One event that we’re SO excited about happening in the first week of Camp Flow is going to reveal and expand on the Inner Cycle’s exclusive access to Lanechanger. Be sure to stay tuned and join the #InnerCycle to find out what it's all about!

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